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About Us

At BodyLife Imaging, our mission is simple & clear:

To provide excellence and care in Thermal Imaging.

Meet BodyLife Owner,

Suzy Grace Selin

Member of the International Academy of Clinical Thermology, Member of the American Academy of Thermology, IACT Clinical Thermographic Technician, Educator

Suzy’s love for holistic natural medicine began with her Nutrition BS degree at Seattle Pacific University. From there she added an Education degree and has spent most of her adult life serving in education and community volunteerism.


Having lost her daddy too early to a stroke and her mother to cancer, Suzy profoundly believes in the importance of detecting disease early.


Her passion is to educate & empower the unaware of natural, preventative, & proactive lifestyle choices that can make remarkable change in and better one’s life.


Suzy strives to live in such a way to meet a personal standard of excellence, integrity, truth, and compassion.

passionate & 

dedicated to excellence

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Want to learn more about BodyLife Imaging & thermograpy? I'd love to hear from you. Contact me today! 

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