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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Complete Breast Series | Special Pricing: $220/Regular $250

Full Body + Breast | Special Pricing: $500/Regular $600

We're passionate about breast health! During the month of October, we're offering special savings on our most popular breast imaging series. Now's the perfect time to come come in and experience what Breast Thermography can offer! 

Purchase service by Oct. 31st, 2021. Use by Dec. 31st, 2021

Breast Series

Complete Breast Series

Our most popular thermogram series for assessing breast health.

Regular $250*

See October Special Savings

3 or 6 Month Follow Up

Special reduced pricing for a 3 or 6 month Breast Series follow-up appointment.


Full Body + Breast

Complete series of the whole body + Breast imaging

 Regular $600*

See October Special Savings

+ $100 to add breast imaging to

upper, lower or full body series.

Breast Imaging Series includes a free book  ($20 Value)

Body Series

Lower Body

Images to include:

spine, gluteal, legs, & feet


Upper Body

 Images to include: face, cranial, neck, upper spine, abdomen, arms, & hands 


Full Body

Complete series of the whole body.


Target Series

Specific Area

Thermogram series for a

specific area of the body.


Thyroid Series

Cranial Series

Spine Series

Dental Series

Area of your choice

(Exclusions may apply)


Breast + Specific Area

Breast imaging + a specific

area of your choice.


Rush Order: Images back to you within 2 days. (Inquire for details)

The BodyLife Difference

Not all clinics are equal...BodyLife Imaging uses the top technology in the medical infrared industry today.

 When choosing a thermal imaging clinic, make sure your provider is following proper protocols & using the most up-to-date equipment to ensure accurate results.


It is crucially important that thermal images are taken in high resolution greyscale where the vascularity of the body can be carefully studied. Trained thermologists then use specifically designed software to view & interpret the images in both greyscale and various color palettes.