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What to Expect

BodyLife Imaging uses only the most advanced medical infrared equipment available today & follows strict quality control protocols. 

Accuracy in thermal imaging is of the utmost importance. Your participation in an accurate report is imperative, and you will be asked to follow easy but essential Patient Pre-Imaging Protocol. Following these protocols is so important that your appointment will need to be rescheduled if the protocol is not adhered to. Prior to your appointment please fill out the appropriate Health History Intake Form and bring completed forms to your appointment.


At your appointment you will be brought into the imaging room where you will spend approximately 15 minutes acclimating to the temperature of the room. It will be necessary to remove the clothing off the body area to be imaged. Your privacy is important and will always be taken into consideration, garments will be supplied to cover intimate areas. Once acclimated, multiple images will be taken from different angles with a medical infrared camera.  These are infrared heat readings and not photographs. These images will then be sent to a Board Certified Thermologist for interpretation. A written report with greyscale and color palette images will be sent to you in about 7 days containing your results.

Health History Intake


Save time by completing forms prior to arriving at your appointment.


Select form title to start download. 

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