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A Link Between Oral Infection & Disease

Clearing up your oral health can save your life. Did You Know ? Oral health has a significant affect on whole body health. Research indicates a link between oral infection and disease. Root canals, wisdom tooth removal, and other tooth extractions can cause tiny pockets, or cavitations, where microorganisms such as bacteria and various pathogens can live, grow, and colonize. In other words: oral infection. What Can Oral Infection Do ? Since our body systems are highly interconnected, an oral infection can easily spread to other areas of the body. Via the lymphatic system, infection in the mouth can drain down the neck, thru the lymph nodes, and down into the body, influencing diseases like: - Breast Cancer - Heart Disease - Heart Attacks - Lyme Disease - Kidney Disease - Cancer - Arthritis - Auto-immune Disease - Lupus - Rheumatic/Joint Diseases - Strokes - Neurological Diseases - Alzheimer’s - MS If you’ve had root canals, wisdom tooth removal, or tooth extractions … What can you do? The majority of oral infections go unnoticed. Standard dentistry does not use tools that detect most oral infection. In most cases, individuals are usually unaware of infection and feel nothing unusual. Know your risk.

It you’ve had root canals, wisdom tooth removal, or tooth extractions, here are a few initial steps to find clarity and regain control of your oral health.

1. Medical Thermography Thermal imaging is a non-invasive, safe, and affordable first step in exploring the possibility of oral infection. Thermal scans of the face and neck can detect unusual inflammation indicating possible infection. There’s no radiation and no body contact, so it’s safe and painless.

2. Biological Dentistry

If inflammation is found on a thermal scan, a biological dentist would have the proper tools to check for cavitation, run tests for pathogens, and depending on the results, set up an action plan.

BodyLife Imaging offers such dental thermography as a stand-alone imaging series or as an add-on to our Breast Thermography imaging series.

It's called the Cranial Series, simply because “cranial” is the medical term for “face and neck.”

Knowledge is powerful. Be proactive.


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